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SolYield empower solar installers  and solar plant owners with a digital platform to maximise their life time yield from solar power plant installations.  Our platform connects to solar plants without any upfront cost and identify correctives actions for 20+ issues in solar installations to optimise maintenance cost and maximise lifetime returns from solar installations.

Why SolYield - Solar Plant's Underperformance Problem? 

Loss of
USD 10 Billion+ 

of Green Investment

Rooftop Solar Plants
lose 8% to 25%
generation due to

Solar plants lose over 10% of generation due to underperformance and solar curtailment leading to a loss of USD 20  Billion+/year. This has a significant impact on safety of solar operations, solar equipment life, climate mitigation efforts, and lifetime returns from the solar power plant.  SolYield is a reliable, affordable and convenient solution to maximise lifetime returns from solar power plant installations. 

Why SolYield - Protect your solar investment with 3 x returns

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Maximise solar generation

Optimise maintenance cost

Enhance life of equipment

Ensure safety of solar plant

"Little drops make an Ocean"

SolYield proactively tracks and manages the health of your solar installation to ensure that it generates maximum energy. A 20% underperformance in a 5 kWp solar plant translates to a loss of  ~ $ 1 per day. When we add up the losses it translates to a yearly loss of over $ 300. 

From Solar Generation Monitoring to Solar Performance Management

Many solar plants  fail to meet their expected performance levels, but this issue often goes unnoticed because plant owners mistake solar generation monitoring for solar performance management.  To put it simply, monitoring solar generation is like checking how much fuel is in your car's tank, while managing solar performance is like making sure your car is running smoothly and efficiently. Just because you have fuel in the tank and your car is running doesn't mean your car is performing at its best. Similarly, just because a solar panel is generating energy doesn't mean the solar plant is performing optimally.

Key causes of Solar underperformance 

The four primary reasons for solar underperformance are discussed below:

The quality of solar components and installation can degrade over time, leading to a reduction in their efficiency. The solar panel, inverter, and other components are exposed to harsh weather conditions, and over time, they can develop faults that affect their performance. This can be due to manufacturing defects, improper installation, or simply wear and tear over time. In some cases, the use of low-quality or counterfeit components or wrong installation practices can also lead to underperformance.

Switch to SolYield : Generate up to 25% more savings from Solar

We use Artificial Intelligence technology to analyse more than 100 data points collected from various sources such as the solar inverter and weather stations. Our AI-powered solution improve solar generation by following a cyclic process of three simple steps:

We use Artificial Intelligence to calculate the performance score of the solar plant by comparing solar generation with predicted performance. This score takes into account various factors such as weather conditions, air pollution, the age and specification of the solar equipment. The Solar Performance Score measures the true performance of the solar power plant. 

Pinpoint 20+ issues in Solar Power Plants using AI 

How we do it - Analytics driven Solar Performance Management

SolYield platform uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to detect issues in your solar plants and pass on proactive recommendations to your local solar partner to correct the issues. A solar performance dashboard keeps the solar plant owner updated about their solar plants performance. There are four key layers in the SolarBhai platform:

Centralized Data Collection 

SolYield platform can collect solar plant data from solar Inverter APIs or third party SCADA systems using proprietary driver software. SolarPlant data is combined with other sources such as weather information & maintenance data for data analysis.

Automated Insights

Proactive automated insights such as inverter deration, insulation fault,  mismatch loss, and soiling loss are generated by platform. Analytics dashboards aggregate the equipment performance and corrective action so that  service personnel can be alerted before the problems become critical.

Data Processing

The stored data is analysed using a combination of AI and physical models.  ​Our proprietary AI algorithms are designed to improve overtime based on feedback. The data processing frequency is decided by business case.

Workflow Management Tool

Our ​workflow management tool simplifies the backend analytics done by the AI platform to easy insights in for the solar maintenance team. The service support team will use the tool to understand the insights and take actions on the same after co-ordinating with the field/service team or the solar plant owner. 

Get started with SolYield

We  partner with Solar Installers to offer better operations and maintenance services to solar plant owners. With SolYield, solar installers can improve the efficiency of their operations and maintenance team while maximising lifetime savings for solar plant owners. If you are a Solar Installer, contact us for a free demo of the SolYield Platform. 

We currently offer our services to solar plant owners only through installation partners. If you are a solar plant owner, please request your solar installer or maintenance personnel to contact us at

Our pricing starts from

  • INR 99 per site per month in India

  • AUD 2 per site per month in Australia.


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About Us

We are a diverse team united by a shared passion for climate change mitigation and a deep belief in the power of digital technology.  We strive tirelessly to stay useful and create solutions that are not only innovative but also genuinely beneficial to our planet and its people. Our team's extensive experience in the solar energy and energy analytics industries has been the cornerstone in designing the SolYield platform. We're a collective of dedicated professionals, each contributing our best to make a significant and positive impact.


Vision: Develop affordable digital technologies to increase the utility of solar assets for the benefit of people and planet 

Motto: Be Useful


Core Values: Sustainability - Integrity - Minimalism - Innovation - Empathy   

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