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How we do it 

SolYield platform collect data from batteries, inverters, solar modeling tools, and third party SCADA systems  using our own  driver software . The data is combined with other sources such as weather information as per our proprietary data model and stored in a secure data base.

Data Collection

The stored data is analysed using a combination of AI and physical models.  ​Our proprietary AI algorithms are designed to improve overtime based on feedback. The data processing frequency is decided based on the business case for a specific application.

Data Processing

Automated insights for maximising lifetime savings  such as corrective actions for maintaining efficiency, enhancing asset life, and control load as well as battery configurations. 

Automated Insights

Our ​workflow tool  simplifies the backend analytics done by the AI platform to easy insights for the solar operations team.  We also provide APIs which can integrate the insights to your existing workflow. 


SolYield platform uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to process data and generate insights to optimise lifetime savings from solar and battery energy storage systems. There are four key layers in the SolYield  platform:




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