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SolYield platform connects to solar plants using inverter APIs without initial investment, estimate solar losses and proactively pin-point over 25 corrective maintenance actions. The SolYield solar portfolio management  platform empowers solar installers to reduce maintenance costs and boost revenue.

Discover how Steve used SolYield to Minimize Maintenance & Boost Referrals

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Proactively detect, optimise and bundle maintenance visits


Manage generation guarantees


Track effectiveness of O&M team

Boost Revenue

Sell installer branded solar health stats and recommendations


Earn more customer referrals


Up-sell storage and add-ons


SolYield Asset Manager

The SolYield Asset Manager is a sophisticated tool for managing solar portfolio maintenance, aimed at solar installers and developers. It comprises two main components:

(1) SolYield Workflow Management Tool

Performance issues in your portfolio of solar plants are automatically captured as tickets by the SolYield workflow management tool. Each ticket in the platform details: 

  • Losses in a solar plant as a performance score

  • Provide a descriptive summary of the issues in solar plant such as string loss, temperature deration, shading, soiling, insulation faults, and the persistence of issues

  • Recommends the corrective action for resolution

  • Tracks warranties of equipment in the solar plants

You can assign the tickets generated by platform to your internal team or a third party vendor. The Tickets are auto-closed by Platform, once the issue is resolved. ​Additionally, you can generate repair quotes for customers and track the effectiveness of maintenance actions using the tool. The tickets are automatically closed by the platform once the issue in the solar plant is resolved. The built-in, warranty tracking feature ensures that you don't miss out warranty claims from solar manufacturers. ​

SolYield platform can be easily configured to enable:

  • Territory wise auto-assignment of issues to team based on location or sites or vendor

  • Customised maintenance effectiveness reporting as a report to customer or vendor


(2) Analytics Dashboards at Enterprise and Site Level ​

These dashboards are designed for both single-site and multi-site management, allowing solar installers to monitor KPIs at a territory or sub-territory level. Users can delve into detailed analytics and error logs for a site, including the history of all issues encountered.

SolYield Customer Engagement Module 

This module enables solar installers to apply their own branding to the platform and share customised health reports, alerts, and mailers to enhance customer engagement. They can also launch referral and feedback campaigns and generate lists of potential customers for solar expansion or battery sales, using analytics. Installers and developers use this module to drive referrals  and repeat sales. 

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Enhance Customer Yield and Earn More

With SolYield, it's not just about managing solar assets efficiently; it's about unlocking new potential for your business and your clients. By optimising solar installations and reducing underperformance, you deliver tangible savings to your customers. In turn, this increases their satisfaction and loyalty, leading to more business for you. Our platform is designed to enhance the yield of solar assets, which directly translates into increased revenue opportunities for your business. It's a cycle of success – better performance for your clients leads to better returns for you. 

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